Mona Tawatao

Mona Tawatao, Vice-Chair of PILP’s board has had two important articles published recently in the Clearinghouse Review:  Journal of Poverty Law and Policy of the Sargent Shrive Center National Center on Poverty Law.

The most recent is Towards a Human Rights Framework in Homeless Advocacy:  Bringing Clients Face-to-Face with the United Nations, 45 Clearinghouse Review 169 (Sept./Oct. 2011), co-authored with LSNC attorney Colin Bailey.  It describes a broad campaign for a safe ground for people transitioning from homelessness led by Legal Services of Northern California where Mona was regional counsel until moving to Western Center on Law & Poverty in April.  In June 2012, LSNC submitted a complaint to the United Nations challenging human rights abuses on behalf of their homeless clients whose access to clean water and sanitation is blocked by government action and inaction.  LSNC then brought its clients “face-to-face” with the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Access to Water and Sanitation, who chronicled the abuses in her report.

The year before Mona and PILP Director Michael Rawson co-authored Opportunity and Risk in State and Regional Climate Planning Efforts:  Some Lessons from the Field, 44 Clearinghouse Rev.  293 (Sept./Oct. 2010).  The article drew attention to the potential for exclusion and displacement of lower income households from efforts to develop compact transient-oriented projects unless affordable housing and displacement protections are included.

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