General Assistance Summit Materials

General Assistance Summit Materials

Index of Materials

Agenda and Biographies

1. Agenda
2. Presenter Biographies

Legislative Documents

3. WCLP Budget Summary
4. WCLP Human Services Legislation
5. LSC Eligible Immigrants
6. LSC Restrictions

Outreach and Advocacy

7. Advocacy Checklist
8. LSNC GA Flier
9. Outreach Ideas

PowerPoint Presentations

10. Introduction and Overview
11. GA/GR Overview
12. Legislative Session: From Genesis to GA
13. Outreach and Education Presentation by CCWRO

Reported GA Cases

14. PILP Reported GA Cases

Reports and Data

15. GR to SSI Study
16. SSI Advocacy Best Practices
17. Where We Sleep
18. June 2014 GR 237 Report

Sample Pleadings and Documents

19. WCLP PRA Request
20. PILP PRA Request
21. Position Statement
22. Demand Letter
23. Request for Administrative Record
24. Individual 1094.5 and 1085 Writ Petition
25. Baglio v. County of Alameda Petition for Writ of Mandate
26. Mills v. Kern County Petition for Writ of Mandate
27. Settlement Agreement and Order
28. Mankinen v. County of Orange Consent Decree
29. Orange County Consent Decree Summary
30. Letter re Reimbursement SSI GA Loan
31. Letter re Time Limit
32. McCormick v. County of Alameda, Appellate Decision
33. Orange County PRA Request Response
34. GR 237 Poverty Analysis (CCWRO)

Sponsored By:
California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. * Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organizations * Legal Services of Northern California * The Public Interest Law Project * Western Center on Law and Poverty

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