Judith Z. Gold

Judy Gold





Remembering Judy Gold
(1952 – 2016)

We sadly lost our amazing and compassionate colleague Judy Gold this week. Judy joined PILP in 2008 and from that time on she brought her tsunami of brilliance, energy, skill and compassion to the fight for the legal rights of the disenfranchised, while at the same time raising her daughters and being there for her friends.

She insisted that no one deserves to have nothing simply because a county views theĀ GA population as unworthy. She swore to change that. And, of course, she did. Her formidable litigation skills secured and increased the income safety net for thousands of less fortunate families throughout the Bay Area and California.

Until the end, she vowed she would somehow, someway return to PILP again. And, indeed, in so many ways she is still with us. It was our blessing and privilege to have Judy with us and to carry her memory and inspiration into the future.

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