Our health and public benefits litigation and policy work focuses on food stamps, CalWORKs, subsistence benefits such as general assistance, disability rights, protection of foster youth, health care, and disaster relief for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Through our California Affordable Housing Law Project (CAHLP), we coordinate an ongoing statewide legal strategy to enforce California’s “fair share” housing element law, state and federal relocation assistance laws, and state redevelopment law. The resulting judgments and settlements have compelled counties and cities to zone for, initiate and finance the development of affordable housing throughout the state for California’s poorest households.

PILP provides persistent and aggressive litigation on behalf of its clients. All staff are lifelong advocates of the underserved, and work in close conjunction with over 35 local legal services programs annually. Our successful litigation confers significant benefits on our lower income clients by adding thousands of units of affordable housing and saving thousands of individuals, families and youth from the loss of essential public assistance.

By combining our expertise with community-based legal services programs and the resources of private firms, our low-income clients enjoy the highest and most effective level of representation.

In addition to bringing courtroom victories to our clients, our group ensures that attorneys for local legal aid organizations learn how they can bring effective impact litigation to achieve maximum results for their clients.