We seek your help in order to expand our capacity to meet the escalating need for our services and fund a new Public Interest Law Project Fellowship.  Your gift will allow us to train and mentor a new generation of public interest advocates to further our work.

In 2010 alone, our work has directly benefited well over 100,000 low income people and families. Here are just four examples of the many important cases that we successfully pursued during the past year in collaboration with our legal services and private bar partners throughout California:

  • Enjoined implementation of Governor’s veto of subsidized child care for more than 56,000 low-income children, allowing their parents to retain their jobs and not fall back onto welfare.
  • Overturned a housing development cap that prevented local government from providing its share of the regional affordable housing need.  This unprecedented ruling will result in the modification of similar housing caps statewide. Secured an enforceable agreement for over 2,100 units of affordable housing.
  • Prevented drastic reductions of General Assistance, the last resort assistance for our most destitute citizens. This work prevented countless persons from becoming homeless, saving millions of dollars of public health and other public costs associated with homelessness.
  • Obtained a settlement preventing displacement of over 450 lower income households, providing relocation assistance, and requiring redevelopment of 178 units with long-term affordability restrictions.

While our accomplishments are significant for a small office, the demand for our services, and our clients’ needs, are rapidly outstripping our capacity.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 per year for the next two years — to which PILP will add $50,000 of its own funds — to add a newer attorney to our team. Contributions will therefore be highly leveraged.  Within two years, the attorney will gain the litigation skills and substantive expertise required to initiate and manage complex litigation and other advocacy.  We expect fierce competition for the position, and it will be filled with an extraordinarily well-qualified attorney with a demonstrated commitment to public interest work.

Through the generosity of friends like you, we can make this funding goal a reality. We are very grateful for your tax deductible contribution.