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Shashi Hanuman

Shashi joined PILP in May of 2022 after more than 20 years advancing inclusive community development at Public Counsel.

Shashi’s clients have included nonprofit affordable housing developers, health care clinics, tenants, and organizing and advocacy groups on a range of matters geared towards building healthy communities, including developing supportive housing, enforcing tenant protections, and supporting the legal health of small businesses. She has contributed to the successful training and mentorship of hundreds of community leaders, creation of economic opportunities, protection of tenants, development of affordable homes, increased access to quality health care, and delivery of other critical supports to low-income communities of color in Los Angeles and the organizations that serve them. Shashi has also engaged in enforcement, advocacy, and legislative activities focused on jurisdictional compliance with local and state land use, tenant protection, and affordable housing laws and on affirmatively protecting and expanding affordable and supportive housing opportunities for people with lower incomes.

Her work has been recognized by, among others, A Community of Friends, Congressman Xavier Becerra, East LA Community Corporation, Pacific Clinics, the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing, the South Asian Network, the Southeast Asian Community Alliance, and the Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for Homeless Veterans and Children.